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If you're struggling with time management, learn about how others approach it. Here's some information that may help:

💭 what if corporations were the beginning of ideals, paraphrasing those as: “no borders, no hierarchy, no limits, justice for all, freedom for all…”

We cannot restart from a void seed. The adventure is to fix the ship while flying it.

After much thought, it is clear the decision-making process is not only in the hands of a couple of agents.

~/ add . && git commit -am “WIP” && assume (good ^ evil) & bug-fix

+ fixes


Seriously though:

> He said other risks, such as the use of AI-controlled weaponry in the military, were more pressing.

This is entirely true. All the focus on AGI, which may or may not happen at some point, distracts from:

1. The threat from the electronic automated decisionmaking we are already doing today, which is expanding into every aspect of our lives. Rapidly.
2. The paper-and-brains AIs that we invented in 1602 and which have been running an increasingly large part of our lives since: corporations
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Commit to posting mostly or only positive things on your favored social media site for a while.

When will right-wingers understand that criticism of country and politics doesn’t mean hate and it’s actually love, because it’s done to change the circumstances and make everything better?

tired: live fast, die young;
wired: live long, die smart;
hired: work in progress.

Italian style bean soup. Fry onion. Add garlic. Add a cup of cooked cannellini beans. Heat for 2 mins. Add vegetable stock. Allow to nearly boil. Add so much kale. Allow to nearly boil again. Add a ladles worth of polenta. Salt and pepper. Stir. Ready to eat.

tired: you are useless;
wired: you are replaceable;
hired: I know your source code.

I used to play this game: anytime I cross the path with two+ people that look alike, I used to say the wor7d: .

Things changed lately around me, so I can't play this game anymore


I have the opposite experience regarding this:

> most companies provide a sub-standard developer experience [because] they roll their own in-house solutions, which decay and become technical debt over time

Building your own tool, hence investing in the skills of your people is not wasted time, it is an added value to your company.

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OP is selling the idea that we just need to buy their ideas, and their software, and for the rest of our life money will fall from the sky in our pockets.

Wake up.

If you practice getting the work done, even the difficult things done, you may be able to make it work.

If you can't: make some noise, and people will chime in to tell you that you are wrong, dig in, and you learn something new, rubber duck debugging style.

Giving up, leads to more giving up.

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In this blog post, I’ll prove this to you with data. I present a measurement I call “Time Till Open-Source Alternative” (TTOSA) which represents how long a proprietary software lasted without a direct open-source alternative.

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“Time Till Open-Source Alternative” @

> Open source is coming for your business. It is just a matter of time before there exists a compelling open source alternative to your software. It won’t happen overnight, it will start out as a poor alternative, but slowly growing to become the robust and cheap (in fact, free!) solution that everyone uses.

Quoting “Software below the poverty line” @

> The struggle of open source sustainability is the millennium-old struggle of humanity to free itself from slavery, colonization, and exploitation. This is not the first time hard-working honest people are giving their all, for unfair compensation.

If nobody is replying to your threads, and grammarly^W says it is good grammar.

Find another community.


Oops! Spending the whole time tinkering is not good, at least for health, building a set of skills, and habits is a good thing.

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