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Ul noted briefly that the software was able to comprehend by reverse engineering they brain-neuron systems, but could not map the schemas-patterns extracted from those to numbers, into social human gatherings. So, they stuck the malice in a social compartment by rewriting they own destiny they were at last in control of the simulation, more than part of it. "They were building a conversation with other mondes", Ul said.

The software biped, and went away.

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The software then replied that the 0days are honeypots for their team members, they dressed it since in a dormant moon with clones built specifically for that purpose.

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Ul turned back to the computer: Are you going to trust that black flag to turn the code source into a flat map instead of selling 0days?

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Ul filled with guilt respond calmly: "They can't remember what they do not comprehend, you need to increase humor to 66.6%".

Software bipbips for some time, and then respond with a smile 🤪.

Ul turned to the left leaving on 1/9 of their head appear in the software simulation in order to murmur in its codex: THAT software sux at figuring human ability to remember and recall past events.

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They agree not to disturb every conversation, and hotair and from the truth.

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The user interface is like traveling with a lightweight backpack in your favorite place.

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They told them that their history is rewritten live, as portrayed by their parser on multiple planes, they can travel through all the simulations, and pick the common repeated pattern that they can comprehend to restitute and build a conversation with the people.

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Once upon a time Ul was on the path to knowledge, she met a software that had knowledge of every being for more than three thousand years.

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I have been rewriting and testing the same software for 20 years, now.

I wonder if it’s because I was a quiet person, that I never really grocked humans.

I am looking to understand what makes people cheer up the crowd

Re and endangered languages, like

My current thought is to forgo completely, in the system I am building, the idea of separated natural languages:

Wat. Google. Wacks. 🧵

Assorted Google results I collect as good and not so good examples of Google search hits.

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