Postmortem funding, and thoughts about :

— I did not succeed to deliver what I promised at first, that is “a large scale search engine for the common—written full-stack with scheme”.

It was done with Python.

I will not argue at this time why, and how, the other boxes are checked.

Still, that is a great achievement for me.

And it demonstrates that search also known as full-text search is within reach.

Can the algorithm be improved?


Can the code be improved?


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What I failed to do is stay focused on coding. Instead, I was wandering with questions of what-if.

Bear with me, that is not wrong; after that is part of the research journey.

Tho, The second part of R&D is dwarfed by the time I spent both on feature engineering, and changing the bill of materials.

What if I had a close collaborator with whom I could wrap around problems more quickly? There is the fediverse for that, I failed to request feedback more often.

What if instead of free time work, I did this full time.

I was too shy to ask for more. Big mistake.

Feedback I got is:

> Since it works, I should host it myself, and market it, and request paid subscriptions for regular users.

With the strong hope that I will put the project in motion, and with enough entropy to let me focus on other problems.

Basically, so far, I choose the path of least resistance: Fastest, shortest cycle of work-reward.

The drawback is that I get small rewards directly from my free time work, it is also more difficult to dedicate time for the coding.

Given my self-inflicted ideals, and over-the-top goals, I am not certain what is the software tool that is necessary and / or sufficient. Hence, I fall back to documenting what is doable, what I think is the least evil, and leaning toward good, and perfect.

Meanwhile, I survive, and live a happy life, and I hope for the best for you all!

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