It was unfortunate that the refactoring community used the word "smell" for clues of where we can improve code. "Smell" is a powerful metaphor, but it also suppresses useful discussions. Maybe in this context having this pattern makes sense. Yet it is harder to make the argument if you are defending code that "stinks".

I like more neutral words like "clues" for possible refactoring



Smell by itself is biased, something that smells good to me, might smell bad to you.

But what we do with computers, at least, the code should not be about a personal “preference”, a “liking” such as how we choose ice-cream. It must have groundings, clues, and proofs.

I lol, and sob people that explain their software architecture with: to each their own.

Here is the cheap idea I hold on my back: think before you code.

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Team code is about a small group of people being able to understand it. Group preferences matters, because if others can't understand the code, they can't maintain it. So style and preferences matter. A lot.

Writing code is closer to creative writing than math. So we need editing techniques because even when you think before you code, you will still make logical and design mistakes :)

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