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Re and endangered languages, like

My current thought is to forgo completely, in the system I am building, the idea of separated natural languages:

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Wat. Google. Wacks. 🧵

Assorted Google results I collect as good and not so good examples of Google search hits.

"Pokete is a small terminal based game in the style of a very popular and old game by Gamefreak."

Are there human interface guidelines for terminal programs?
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Year progress: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░ 68.5%

Given my self-inflicted ideals, and over-the-top goals, I am not certain what is the software tool that is necessary and / or sufficient. Hence, I fall back to documenting what is doable, what I think is the least evil, and leaning toward good, and perfect.

Meanwhile, I survive, and live a happy life, and I hope for the best for you all!

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Feedback I got is:

> Since it works, I should host it myself, and market it, and request paid subscriptions for regular users.

With the strong hope that I will put the project in motion, and with enough entropy to let me focus on other problems.

Basically, so far, I choose the path of least resistance: Fastest, shortest cycle of work-reward.

The drawback is that I get small rewards directly from my free time work, it is also more difficult to dedicate time for the coding.

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What if instead of free time work, I did this full time.

I was too shy to ask for more. Big mistake.

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What if I had a close collaborator with whom I could wrap around problems more quickly? There is the fediverse for that, I failed to request feedback more often.

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What I failed to do is stay focused on coding. Instead, I was wandering with questions of what-if.

Bear with me, that is not wrong; after that is part of the research journey.

Tho, The second part of R&D is dwarfed by the time I spent both on feature engineering, and changing the bill of materials.

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Postmortem funding, and thoughts about :

— I did not succeed to deliver what I promised at first, that is “a large scale search engine for the common—written full-stack with scheme”.

It was done with Python.

I will not argue at this time why, and how, the other boxes are checked.

Still, that is a great achievement for me.

And it demonstrates that search also known as full-text search is within reach.

Can the algorithm be improved?


Can the code be improved?


"Open Source Alternative To

Discover 350+ popular open source alternatives to your proprietary SaaS."

Reduce Friction, by Ceejbot

> Adding friction [to a process is useful] when it buys you something worthwhile.

I can comment the article and add +1 at every paragraph.

Note: the prose can be improved, at least by giving one-line definition of what is friction.

When five billionaires cite you in the desert to talk about the future of technology, and they end up talking about bunkers to escape the climate crisis they helped create, it makes you think that, indeed, WE'RE FUCKED.

It's finally time! the 0xC.pad is available *now* from me (assembled) & four other vendors (as a DIY kit)!✨


It's a 12-key macropad with hexagonal keycaps that I designed as well. It runs on an integrated ATMega32U2 microcontroller and QMK out of the box.

This is the very first time I'm selling something I built with my own hands, so I'm super excited (and a bit nervous)! I'd really appreciate a retoot for this one ❤️

Opinion regarding and :

I asked a while ago how does the concept of Library of Alexandria fit into the picture of small web or small tech, I had no replies.

Small things run on big things.

The wording “small web” is misleading, and avoid the wording .

Read again:


An OS (Operating System) is mostly a collection of software, including reusable code, pulling all of the software necessary for I/O together. And providing a user interface, a "shell", asking users what they want to do. What software they wish to run.

I enjoy going through all these components, figuring out how they work, & communicating that!

3/2 Truly fin!

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